not getting data on console

Hi there,

Im trying to send a TCP message from my device to the dashboard but I’m not seeing its content on the console.

I even recently tried to simulate a message from the dashboard, but also with no success.

This should have worked right??

also, if it helps, here’s the graph for my recent usage, stating the number of bytes sent to

So, something is reaching the servers, but not being shown on the console.

We’re not seeing any issues right now. Can you confirm the device ID that shows at the top of the page when you’re sending the message?

Hi Reuben,

the device ID is 194121

We’re not seeing anything that would be causing this and simulations are working for me. Can you try sending another one and we’ll watch for problems?

Just sent another simulation.
Still the same result.

Still nothing on the console.

Right now I don’t have the device with me, but tomorrow morning I can send a few more messages from it.

Thanks. I think this is good enough. We caught an internal error that might be related. We’ll investigate and get back to you

Give it another try when you have a minute. Should be good now.

now its working as expected on the simulation side.

Tomorrow I’ll try it using my device and let you know if it’s working outside simulation as well.

Thank you for your support!

Ok great. Happy to help

Hi Reuben,

everything worked as expected. We are up and running now!

Just another question, I now created an organization account so I can invite my client to see the output from my devices without tapping into my billing plans and personal account details, but unfortunately I was only able to transfer one card from my personal account to the organization account.
When I try to do it with my second card, I get the following error message.

Is this a limitation for my plan? I can’t move more than one SIM card to my organization?

Since you can only have one developer plan per account you have to change the plan for that SIM to something else before moving it to the other organization. If you click on the SIM you can move it to something else like the basic Pay-As-You-Go plan.

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