not receiving sms from device via dashboard route to mobile phon

I use Rpi’s with Hologram Nova R410 modems, connect to ATT. The Rpi’s ocasionally send data to Hologram’s Dashboard where I have routes that forwad the data to email, webpages and my mobile phone (using email - carrier for my mobile phone is also ATT).
I used to get the sms messages on my mobile phone but sometime in the last 1 - 2 months I don’t. Everything else is working well.
I’m suspicious ATT is blocking the sms messaes going to my mobile phone.
Would appreciate any ideas to diagnose the problem or a workaround.
I tried to find the phone number a Hologrm sms message is sent from but couldn’t. If someone could provide that number I’ll try to have ATT unblock that number for me.
Thanks, in advance.

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