Not working: SMS over cellular - Device Originated

Sending SMSs from Hologram SIMs (without telephone numbers, in case that matters) seems to have stopped working in the recent past (month, 2 months?).

I have devices in the field that send data using TCP, but use SMS over cell as a backup. I noticed SMS over cell was not working today when setting up a new device. I thought I might be doing something wrong, so I tried setting a device in the field (its code hasn’t changed in months) to use SMS over cell and it also did not work. shows no issue

Please check this out and let me / us know. Thanks.

Hi. Not sure where your devices are located, but in Canada, Hologram did some changes with the profiles of sims (global?) and SMS was no longer an offering. It was “The reason SMS is not supported is that profile in Canada is with a different upstream carrier partner that has not yet integrated SMS with our platform. I anticipate this is something that could happen down the road, however, it’s not a guaranteed so it would be best to make this transparent to customers.”

The practicality of this is something of a discussion. If devices can be OTA updated then code changes could be done to workflow SMS out of it. For our purposes, we changed SIM providers as SMS was “part of our offering”.

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Thank you, but I’m talking about US SIMs. I do have 2 customers in Canada and 1 of 2 is currently working in general.

This is still not working for me here in the USA. Seems like this would be affecting a lot of people…

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