Nova 410 no serial connection when PPP established

I have a nova 410 connected to the verizon network. It was working fine for a few hours today, but I started getting ‘ERROR: Unable to detect a usable serial port’ when trying ‘sudo hologram modem signal’, which worked for me earlier today.
none of the ‘hologram modem’ commands work.
I found a lot of examples of this issue on here but none seemed to do the trick.

while the ppp connection is active, i have internet access, and when i disconnect the ppp connection, the commands work again. I thought i read somewhere that the multiple serial connections were so that commands could still be sent to the modem while the connection is active.

one odd observation, when i was doing testing the other day, the modem serial ports were ttyAMC*. Troubleshooting today, the are now ttyUSB*. not sure if this means anything.

I am using the modem on an ASUS Tinkerboard running debian.

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