Nova as 3G modem in Windows?


Hello, this probably comes across as a strange request – especially as I have (admittedly) not devoted enough time to experimenting with my Nova. So I’ve got some travel coming up and was thinking of bringing the Nova along and using a local SIM with a data plan to plug in to a laptop and use it for internet connectivity.

Considering it’s a modem, would this work natively with Windows 10 in a plug-in-play manner like a Huawei USB modem?

Apologies for such a simple and likely stupid question, but curiosity got the best of me and figured I could save some cash if possible. And unfortunately I’ve got a Verizon phone with no GSM capabilities so tethering is not an option :slight_smile:



I believe windows is only supported via AT commands not ppp / pseudo network port. You would need to run linux for it to work somewhat as you want. Also Cat-M1 is really meant for machine-to-machine communcation only, it would behave poorly as a modem for your computer if you want to browse the internet. The bandwidth of Cat-M1 is much lower, and the latency much higher than standard LTE.

I guess if you were only going to do low bandwidth stuff like git push/pull or ssh then it could work, by reading news, looking at facebook would be pretty miserable.

I would suggest just renting a hotspot. Most countries will have services where you can get a LTE to Wifi hotspot as a daily rental for a reasonable price.


Yeah the Nova isn’t ideal for that as it doesn’t really offer plug and play data on Windows.

If you’re looking for a 3G modem that works on Windows I actually have a little side thing going here: (Don’t tell anyone :wink: )

Note that 3G is gonna be pretty slow for most stuff though so you may want to bump up to a 4G device like @AndrewGifft said if you’re planning on watching any videos or things like that.

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