NOVA Cat-NB1 / Cat-M Engineering Samples

Hi All

According to the Nova page Compatibility | Hologram there will be engineering samples available Q1 2018. What is the process for requesting one of these?


I also can’t see how the global Cat-NB1 can be requested in this link: How to understand the different LTE IoT device categories

No, they only have the Cat-M model currently available, but I’ve been told that a new model that does all Cat-M bands (not just the Verizon band) as well as NB-1 will be out somewhere in the future.

I’ve got the Cat-M version working on Raspberry-Pi 3/Raspbian.
If trying it, see the topic “NovaM_R404 USB modem on Raspberry Pi 3: ERROR: Unable to detect a usable serial port” for some additional instructions that need to be inserted into the quick start connection sequence, unless they’ve already updated their instructions.

Also: don’t be surprised if one load of a gmail page over the modem link eats up your entire monthly developer data plan allocation. :slight_smile:

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