Nova for general internet access?

Can the Nova Global 3G/2G Cellular Modem with a Global IoT SIM be used for general internet access on a Raspberry Pi?
E.g browsing a web page, doing a sudo apt-get update, etc…

Hi @mwilliams,

Yes, Nova has built-in functionality for setting up the USB modem for general internet access via a PPP (Point-to-point protocol) persistent connection that would route all internet traffic over cellular. It’s simple to setup via our Python Device SDK and CLI:
CLI from the command line:
sudo hologram modem connect
In Python script
# Import Hologram Python SDK library
from Hologram.HologramCloud import HologramCloud

# Create Hologram class network object
hologram = HologramCloud(dict(), network='cellular')
# Connect to the Hologram Global Network
result =

Thing to keep in mind here is that this will route ALL traffic over cellular such as any apt-get-updates or other internet traffic so it’s important to make sure your account is on the right plan and balance standing and you’ll be good to go! Let us know if you have any other questions.


Question: Once I have entered the line sudo hologram modem connect, does this stay with the system after a reboot or do I need to make another change?

I am trying to use these for signs out in the field

Update: I am getting an error: “ERROR: Unable to detect a usable serial port”.

I’m getting the same ERROR: Unable to detect a usable serial port
after running the and python-update scripts, then inserting the Nova Cat M1 USB modem in a pi 3 with the latest Raspbian.
Anyone got any fixes/workarounds?

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Usually it’s best to start a new thread rather than adding new queries to an existing one

have a look at this thread


Another way to do this (how I’m doing it) is I have a python script that runs on boot up and the first thing my python script does is connect the modem:

os.system(“sudo hologram modem connect”)

This ensures that your modem connects to cellular everytime the script runs. Basically I am just running the CLI command inside a python script.