nova location returns "none"

Hello, im using the hologram nova on a raspberry pi zero W. Im using “” this command is returning none. Im getting rssi and sending data. This is the only command i cannot figure out.
I also tested the CLI command to get location and that works great.

Hey @wclay9520,

Can you please share your code so we can look into this. location has several properties so it would be good to see what you are getting returned for for all of them.

The Location object has the following properties:

  • date (string) – The date.
  • time (string) – The time.
  • latitude (string) – Approximate latitude value.
  • longitude (string) – Approximate longitude value.
  • altitude (string) – Approximate altitude in meters (m).
  • uncertainty (string) – Uncertainty in meters (m).
  • operator (string) – The operator name.


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