Nova LTE-M & NB-IoT Connectivity Issues

I have just recently received 2 of the Nova LTE-M & NB-IoT modems. I have been having trouble connecting to the dashboard with both the modems (though 1 has resolved itself.) Below are the issues with both that I have been having:

1st: When powered, both the blue (power) and red (network) list were turned on. When I would try to connect to the network, I would get the error of a modem hangup due to an unregistered SIM. Though when I would bring up the dashboard, the device would show connected. After several minutes and a couple of restart, the modem finally connected and is now fine.

2nd: I am getting the same error when trying the connect to the network, though the red light is not powering on and the dashboard shows no connection with the modem.

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3B+.


Hey @meutband

Thanks for reaching out and sorry this is giving you issues.

Just a few things to go over.
First, are you using the latest version of the SDK 0.8.1?
Next how are you powering your Pi? Note that we recommend using a power source rated for at-least 2.4 amps.

Could you please run this modem diagnostic and send the results to


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