nova lte-m

I recently purchased NOVA LTE-M module. I inserted the hologram sim and connected the antenna. But, when I plug it into my ubuntu desktop USB, I see the blue power LED come on, but i don’t see the network LED. I have previously tried the 2G/3G module and it has worked successfully for me. I also tried another hologram sim that I had with the same module but had no luck, also tried a second external antenna as well with no luck. I tried to send AT commands to the module. AT and ATI commands worked, but other network commands such as AT+COPS=?,AT+CGREG?,AT+CCID all returned error.

What could be the issue with the LTE-M module? Any help is appreciated.

I have had a similar experience with the SARA R410M-02B modem connected to a Raspberry Pi. However, the red light eventually came on. Sometimes it took an hour or several hours or even the better part of a day. While it usually took several reboots and/or power cycles of the Pi, moving the unit a bit, kicking the tires etc, eventually the unit would light up. The connection could also be verified on the Hologram dashboard. Often I would just forget about the unit then later, notice, to my surprise, that it was finally connected.

Updating to the latest firmware upgrade installed ( did not seem to help.

The only theory I have is that the network signal is weak where I am and so it takes a long time to find and negotiate a connection. Any other theories or suggestions from community members would be welcome.

Also, I can see why AT+COPS=? AT+CGREG? would fail if there was no network connect (no red light), but AT+CCID? should work if there is a SIM card present.