Nova modem hangup after un-pausing SIM


using a Hologram SIM and Nova / u-blox USB dongle as a modem works fine with Raspian Jessie on Raspberry Pi 2 after calling

$ sudo hologram modem connect

However, if I pause the SIM in the Dashboard, then un-pause / restart it after a few minutes, the modem does not seem to recover. Calling

$ sudo hologram modem connect

again leads to

PPPError: Modem hangup - possibly due to an unregistered SIM

(Calling sudo hologram modem disconnect did not help.)

Only fix so far seems to be a reboot. Any ideas?

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Hi @tamberg,

Thanks for bringing this up. I was able to reproduce this error. We think the modem/SDK isn’t configured correctly to check for when the SIM is unpaused. We’ll get back to you with a solution asap.

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I think I am seeing something similar using a Huwaei e3531. Having just read about the pause feature I decided to try it out. I have found that if you pause on the Dashboard and then un-pause it the ppp0 connection never seems to come back up.

Even running sudo pon e303 many times doesn’t seem to have any effect.


Has this issue been resolved for Nova?

Could someone explain what is expected to happen when you hit pause on the Dashboard, especially with regard to the connection to the device? IE, is the connection dropped?

Thank you.

Has this issue been fixed? i’m having it as well and have not gotten a successful message yet