Nova modem with AT&T service?


Hey everyone, planning my setup and trying to determine if i can use AT&T and the Nova cellular modem and maintain the ability to use the dashboard and all provided by hologram.

Mainly the ability to get into my network via modem in the event of the wired WAN going down. I think the option I want is called spacebridge, but my question is mainly do I need to use the hologram wireless network to do this or can I use my AT&T.

The ideal option would be put the Nova modem into my ESXi host, pass it though to a Ubuntu VM, install and configure the Hologram software package, then if the wired WAN goes down then utilize hologram with spacebridge then RDP into the jump box on the network to troubleshoot.


Hi! You’re saying you already have AT&T service or SIM and you’d like to use that with a Nova? Then you’d like to SSH into your device via Spacebridge?


I have ATT service but no SIM yet, but my goal is to use spacebridge to reach the network in the event wired WAN goes down, I’d need to access RDP port 3389 but my reading indicated that shouldn’t be an issue.

I just didn’t want to shoot my self in the foot getting an ATT SIM if I can’t use spacebridge


Was just asking around and you do need to use our SIM to get this functionality. More importantly, you need to be routing data via our servers so you can get at the private IP that is apportioned to your specific device. We basically set up a tunnel through the various layers of abstractions so you can connect to your device.

The nice thing is you can try it out without much worry using our Developer Plan, have you seen that? You get a SIM and 1MB of data per month.


Greatly appreciate the quick and informative reply, is their any other way to use third party SIM cards but retain the ability to reach the device? The dev plan is something I am currently looking into, but have not purchased the modem or SIM as of yet while researching the best options.

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