Nova - over the air update

Are there any information on how to implement this function? FOTA? Not sure if there are any newer firmware available for the Nova at the moment.

You’re looking to OTA the modem firmware? Or you’re looking to update the Single Board Computer (SBC) that the Nova is plugged into?

For the latter, you can utilize Spacebridge, remote SSH into the SBC and then run the update function. Please note that updates to SBCs like a Raspberry Pi can consume quite a bit of data using update functions like sudo apt-get update

Hi Chris,

Thanks for responding.

We want to do an OTA on the Nova (modem) itself, if for any case in the future we needed to do it remotely. Updating a Pi might just be a exercise of l swapping out the SD card. So far the Nova has performed well, we are still in process of qualifying it.

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