Nova-R410 (UN)availability

Hey folks,

I’m a little concerned. I’m getting ready to launch our product based on the: HOL-NOVA-R410. But, I’m concerned that I won’t be able to procure enough to satiate my supply needs. Where can I buy them in bulk? Orders of 50+? Digikey has been out for weeks! If I can’t get a steady supply of these what should I do? By the way, Digikey has a much better price than the website.

Now what?



I believe it is open source, you can build them yourself!

We are doing another production run and should be back in stock within 6-8 weeks. If you’re looking to buy in bulk, please reach out to our sales team and they can help you out.

My recollection is that a few weeks ago another production run was supposed to be done and available in 6 - 8 weeks. I’m also concerned about current and future availability.

We are working on manufacturing our own version to ensure reliable availability. Even though the Nova is open source, my understanding is that the certification is not transferable. That is, each manufacturer must obtain it’s own certification.

We are actually working on 2 prototypes: one is an exact copy of the Nova R410. The other has additional functionality. If anyone is interested in discussing additional functionality, please chime in. Ok

Yeah, I promise it is coming. I think we just had a supply chain issue on one of the components that slowed things down but the process is now underway.
We definitely encourage people to take and modify the design if needed though. Could be a good solution for you though as mentioned we can’t transfer certifications over to anyone else.

If anyone needs a bulk shipment sooner, emailing our sales team could help. We might be able to expedite things a little bit by shipping direct from the factory without retail packaging.

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