Nova R410M requires reset every day


I am using an nova R410M connected to a pi zero weather station to send the weather data and a small (40kb) webcam pic every 15 minutes. At the end of each 15min data collection cycle my script runs the hologram network connect command, stays connected for 30 seconds for the data send (sent via ftp and http get request) and then runs the hologram network disconnect command.

The issue i have is that every 40 times i connect it will fail and not establish a PPP connection, my script will detect this and run the hologram modem reset command, retry the hologram network connect command and boom it works. Its like clockwork every day. I connect and disconnect each time i send data to minimize cellular data usage since a pi seems to use quite a bit just sitting there. Is this a good method of sending my data? It works and has been quite reliable but is there a better way of doing this so i won’t have to reset the modem daily?

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