Nova Usage Question

I have created a web application that runs on a BeagleBone. I was hoping to use the Nova and Hologram sim to provide connectivity to my BeagleBone so that I could hit the device over the internet. Is that possible with the Nova?

Yes that should be possible. Check out the Nova docs on our website

I’m making progress…is Spacebridge going to be a requirement to do what I am looking to do, you think? I want to be able to hit my website from any PC or Mobile Device.

It kind of depends. If you want to make inbound connections to your device then spacebridge can definitely do that.
If you only need to get some inbound data messages to it then you can use our API and dashboard and receive them with our python CLI/SDK. Lots of options.

I apologize for taking up your time but I’m just not finding what I think it is I am supposed to be looking for. It’s likely that my lack of knowledge on point to point networks is just fueling my ignorance.

If my BeagleBone is on my home network, I can configure my network as such that I can access my web server remotely on port 8080 for example.

Is it possible to expose a webserver in this manner when the BeagleBones internet connection is via the Nova + SIM?

Ideally, my goal would be to hit the IP address:Port ( and be staring at my website.

So that’s a little more difficult but possible. On our network, for security reasons, your SIM has a private IP address and traffic doesn’t get forwarded to it.
That’s where Spacebridge comes in. You can enable Spacebridge on the SIM and then forward some port on another computer to port 8080 on the SIM and then it should work.

You would actually be connecting to your local machine port instead of directly to an IP of the SIM card but the traffic would get routed out via Spacebridge.

Ok. Correct me if I am wrong, but if I go that route and use Spacebridge, I can’t tell a user to go to and expect them to hit the website (I would use dynamicdns to tie the IP address to my domain name).

The user would have to install Spacebridge, correct? (Or do something other than simply typing a URL in a browser)

You could actually install spacebridge on a computer that you control, even one in the cloud and direct the domain to that computer.

To provide more info:

  1. User goes to
  2. That domain directs to some computer somewhere running spacebridge. SB is configured to point port 8080 to port 8080 on the SIM.
  3. User is routed to whatever service is running on port 8080

I think that would be what you want

Awesome, I think I am following.

Going to give it a shot. Thanks for your time Reuben!

You’re welcome. Let us know how it goes. Also, keep in the mind that running an open webserver on a cellular device like that can lead to some unexpected data usage charges if it gets hit a lot so be careful there. That’s another reason why SIMs don’t have public IPs by default.

Yeah good point. I’ll be keeping an eye on the usage for sure.

I’m hitting a snag at this step

PUBKEY=$(cat; curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"public_key\":\"$PUBKEY\"}" "<APIKEY>"

I replaced APIKEY with the API key that I generated on my dashboard account. The response I receive is:

{"success":false,"error":"Invalid API Key"}

You’re grabbing the key from this page?

Should be good. Make sure those brackets aren’t on there when you’re actually submitting though

I have a vm running on google cloud. I got the APIKEY stuff squared away.

I run ssh -p 999 -L 5010:link######:8080 -N -i spacebridge.key

(where ###### is my Link ID for my SIM card)

I have a firewall rule setup to allow traffic to port 5010.

Running netstat -a on my VM shows

tcp 0 0 localhost:5010* LISTEN

At this point I would expect to hit my cloud VM’s public IP at and see my page.

Is there any way to confirm the connection with my SIM?

All that does look correct. Any errors popping up anywhere?

It’s possible the routing table on the device is wrong and it’s trying to route return traffic back over ethernet or something. Can try this with all other interfaces disabled or add a default route that goes over the cellular connection.

Is there a limit to the number of spacebridge tunnels you can run ?

No, you can have as many open as you want right now

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