NovaM no red light


My NovaM is not connecting (no red light) to 4 bars of Verizon.

Let me explain the situation.

I have my modem on an Rpi Z in an area with 4 bars of Verizon (according to my Verizon phone). When I turned the Pi on, the blue power light lit but the red one didn’t.

I have line of sight to a Verizon tower and there is a Verizon/AT&T tower behind a hill that my phone connected to at one point.

I turned on the modem an hour prior when I was in strong coverage of the AT&T tower (signal strength 11 and connected to AT&T, according to the modem) and the red light came on quickly after the blue one, as expected. I noticed that the modem never connected to Verizon, only AT&T.

I am unable to physically access the device right now, but I am wondering if the modem will start working again.

Is there any hope that the modem will ever connect?

My Pi turns on and off every hour, so the modem will be restarted with the Pi.

Update: I think it might be because the modem requires 2A but my battery supplies only 1A.


I recommend that you test for connectivity in your “lab” before you deploy the device into the field. Insufficient power is a well-known source of problems.

You might consider recovering the device from the field, and taking to a workplace where you can perform some experiments.

Are you using a Hologram SIM? Are you able to send AT commands and see the responses? Have you read the other posts which refer to the same problem (blue LED lights, but red LED doesn’t)?

It is pretty common for the device to take an hour or more to connect the first time. There are a variety of ways to speed the connection through configuration. Read the other relevant posts and then if you have remaining questions ask…

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