Nove Vs Dash and MQTT

Hi all,
I am looking to use the Hologram Nova or Dash to connect a weather sensor to AWS iot platform.

  • I would like to send communication from the device to AWS via the lightweight MQTT protocol.
  • There is not need to send communication from AWS to the device(s)

What is your recommendation?

Hi @lior

Path of lest resistance is to use HTTP rather than MQTT

You can set this up as a route in your dashboard

If you want to use MQTT you can do so however you will need to add an MQTT client and write your own integration


thanks for the quick response, what about the choice between Nova and Dash. Which device will you recommend ?


hi @lior

I use a Huawei E3372 modem so can’t really make a comment on dash vs Nova.

I am planning to purchase both in the next couple of months.


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