Offline coverage map


I need to be able to determine the probability of having connectivity by querying spatially while offline. If a worldwide coverage vector was provided (ie shapefile) I could write code to to determine if my location was within a coverage area. You could also present this as a web service (OGC) for online requests…but offline is required for my situation. Bonus points for providing the vector file download as a RESTful service so we could query if there are any changes (HTTP HEAD) and download as appropriate (HTTP GET).


I like this idea! Curious, are the other companies doing this? The reason I ask, I believe it might there might be legal rights to consider when showing coverage from our multi-carrier network.

Either way, +1 from me. Will bring it up to engineering as this is a great project for our open hack company events.



Not many companies care about offline capabilities…leaving an opportunity space =)

I have not seen coverage check services that provide spatial query interfaces as described, however, there are examples of checking coverage based on location (ie zipcode). For instance, Sprint (if it requests to allow GPS location, select “No” so you are prompted to enter a location):

The Sprint example seems to use a proprietary servlet implementation rather than OGC…and there are no indications of an offline capability…but Hologram isn’t a normal company =). I do think it a decent precedence, though.