Omni's 2G Smart Lock Technical Issue

I’m posting here because it’s near impossible to get in contact with Omni in regard to technical issues with my lock. I’m hoping someone here has experience working with Omni’s 2G Smart Lock.
I was provided the Omni APK test application once I received my lock and everything was working fine until I started the service by scanning the barcode on the lock, initiating the service timer, and logging out of my account. Don’t ask me why Iogged out, but that’s what I did. I logged back in, tried to scan the barcode again and now it repeatedly says “the bike is already in use”. I tried manually unlocking and locking the lock and redownloading the APK application. If anyone has run into this issue please let me know how you resolved it or let me know a place where I can find someone to help me.

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