Order Tracking or lack of

I needed a SIM card but when I ordered it the shipping was double the price of the SIM so I asked why shipping was so much. Three days later and no answer I ordered 2 SIM cards, that was June 9th, it is the 19th and still no SIM card, no means to "track’ my purchase and no means to talk to anyone at Hologram about what has happened my order.

Hey Kevin,

Could you please email your order number to success@hologram.io from the email associated to your account.


Jun 9 2018 16:28 2 X Global IoT SIM Card 10.00
I can look at the order “Details” but NO order number, NO shipping details
Global IoT SIM Card Combo Mini/Micro/Nano SIM 10.00
Subtotal: 10.00
Sales tax: 0.00
Shipping: 10.06
Total: 10.00

And the shipping still cost more than 2 SIM cards…

Just wanted to follow up for anyone who might see this. The issue was that the user’s email provider blocked Hologram’s emails so they never saw the order processed email and the order tracking email. If you placed an order and can see it in your dashboard, but haven’t received any emails, please check your spam folder to make sure it wasn’t routed there on accident.

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