OTA again restarts device without updating firmware

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I am attempting to OTA today, and the Dash is restarted, but the user firmware does not change. Dash 1.2 with 0.10.3 system firmware. Is the OTA server degraded again? Thanks!

OTA system appears to be up but we’ll investigate further to be sure. Will try to update here soon.

Yeah, the system is up. Is your device able to send messages to the cloud? This issue could be caused by it not having a strong enough signal to get a data connection.

Hmmm. Yes, messages are coming through, which is how I know the Dash is restarted. The sketch runs Clock.counter() in setup to track the boot time, and the value is constant until I attempt OTA updates. getSignalStrength() returns values between 14 and 17. The carrier is T-Mobile. I provided the device IDs over email in case there are any helpful log/error messages.

Ok interesting. We’ll see if we can find anything else on our end. Might be slow to respond due to the holiday weekend though.

I understand. Thanks for checking that the system was up. Have a great weekend.

Some recent observations:

  • I was able to OTA update a third Dash unit just now. This one has a lower getSignalStrength() value of 8 and the carrier is AT&T instead of T-Mobile. Same hardware, battery, etc. in a different location. I’m using a fully-charged 4400 mAh battery (two 18650s).
  • When I typically OTA update (including with this successful third unit), the Dash sends its message with the old sketch, then goes into setup mode, and then sends another message after rebooting with the new sketch. So I receive two messages. In this case, I consistently never receive the first message when OTA updating, only the message after rebooting (and the sketch doesn’t change). Otherwise I’m receiving messages just fine.

I tried increasing the wait time after sending data before turning off the modem (to give the modem time to receive SMS messages, etc.) from 5 seconds to 10 seconds per a suggestion from @Reuben. Unfortunately that did not seem to help.

Later both Dash units with this problem started connecting to AT&T instead of T-Mobile. They’re still at the same fixed location. I was able to push an OTA update. The new AT&T connection is somewhat stronger though (higher RSSI and lower delay connecting).

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