OTA - Dash powered on vs. powered off

Does the Dash need to be powered on for an OTA user program (Arduino sketch) to be successfully uploaded?

Background: I’ve been testing the OTA capability via Mac / Arduino IDE 1.6.7. The OTA works wonderfully – it is an AMAZING feature! In my (admittedly limited) testing, it seems to only operate when the Dash is powered on and online. Pushing an OTA update with the Dash powered down seems to dump the OTA into the ocean, as it were – OTA updates pushed when the Dash is powered off don’t seem to take. (Sequence: Dash OFF. Push OTA sketch. Wait 5 minutes. Power on Dash for 10 minutes. Result: Old sketch still loaded) As long as the Dash is on, OTA works super swell, and never seem to take more than a minute or two before the update process begins (progress is handily observable via serial monitor). Awesomesauce.

Are there thoughts / plans to “store” an OTA update in the ether when the Dash is powered down, then have it auto update when re-powererd? Not a necessity by any means, but would like to know your thoughts regarding OTA “best practices and procedures.” Thanks!

That’s an interesting result.
At the moment, OTA is triggered via SMS. Normally an SMS would be held when the tower can’t contact the device and then delivered when the device is back online. However, when you pull the power on the Dash, it doesn’t really tell the tower it’s going away and so it might think it’s still there for several minutes and send it the SMS even though it can’t receive it.
That’s my theory anyway…

We’re actually going to be moving away from SMS to a TCP/IP based triggering method in a month or two which will know for sure if the device ran the update and will retry if it didn’t.

Also, another other cool feature that is close to done: you’ll be able to see your last few OTA updates on the dashboard and push them again to any of your devices without having to rebuild or resend anything from your computer.

Just checking in on how OTA works in latest HW/FW/SW updates.

So… Tried an OTA this AM on running Dash – Dash is uploading data, and receiving SMS’s (and acting on SMS’s, including RESET). So all good for days regarding 2-way comm, but OTA did not take, either via IDE or direct via dashupdater. On a hunch: Tried powering off / powering on (letting the previous OTA’s float in the ether), and BAM! Instant update. Thoughts? Expected behavior? Need full power reset after OTA for it to “take?”

Also: Don’t see OTA notifications in data logs, either at top level or device level in Dashboard (coming in future? / maybe I’m looking in wrong place?)

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Was this feature implemented? Are there any logs in the dashboard of OTA updates? Thanks!

Hello? Anyone from Hologram here? Has this feature been implemented? OTA updates are not working for me at the moment and apparently there is no way of checking on them

Hi Kevin, we can tell from your multiple posts you’re having trouble with OTA. Could you please start a new thread to walk us through all of the steps you’ve taken?