OTA Process Questions

Hi, Team Hologram,

I tried an OTA this morning on a Dash I’ve had running for several days – Dash is uploading data regularly every 90 minutes, and receives SMS’s (via endpoint and/or Dashboard). So all good for days regarding 2-way communications, but my OTA did not take, either via Arduino IDE or direct via dashupdater. Both paths confirmed OTA push successful. On a hunch: Tried powering off / powering on (letting the previous OTA’s float in the ether for a minute or two), and BAM! Instant update success. Thoughts? Expected behavior? Need full Dash power reset after OTA push for it to “take?”

Also: I don’t see OTA notifications in data logs, either at top level or device level in Dashboard (coming in future? / maybe I’m looking in wrong place?). Reuben mentioned in Feb we would have this feature soon.


[above note a mild re-write of a message posted in the OTA - Dash powered on vs. powered off]