Outgoing SMS from Dashboard Delayed


Possibly related to my other post from this AM (“REST API briefly offline”), I note that an hourly report from my Dash at 7 AM (EST) that is routed to an outgoing SMS via the Dashboard was delayed by 11 minutes, successfully transmitting at 7:11 AM. The Dashboard logged the message incoming to the Hologram Cloud right on time, at a few seconds before 7:00 AM, so an 11-minute delay before triggering the rule for an outbound SMS.

Similar behavior yesterday: My 7 AM report from the Dash did not translate to an SMS until 7:09 AM.

Not a show-stopper, but it would be good to know if you have some type of system maintenance occurring at that time that could be the cause for the delay. Normally, the outbound SMS’s from the Dashboard occur within seconds (or less!) of their receipt time at the Hologram Cloud. Again, all times Eastern Standard.


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