Outside access via SIM

HI all, EXTREME newb here!
I Just finished putting together a pi zero with a SIM7600A hat and a hologram SIM card. All seems to be working well and I went through the detailed install! I dont have a phone number associated with the SIM so I couldnt test calls, but the GPS commands worked great. My Hologram dashboard is showing it as online :slight_smile:

What Im trying to accomplish though (and stuck on), is the ability to access the Pi over cell and SSH in to it. From there I want to use it as a console server for some network gear out in the field. I searched high and low for any kind of how-to docs on this but cant seem to find anything. If anyone has done this or can point me in the right direction, Id appreciate it!
Thank you

Additionally, I did follow the instructions for spacebridge tunnel here:

But didnt get the results I was expecting.