Overcharge Battery


I have a 3000MAH LiPo battery wich I charge over USB(via the Dash).
So I am wondering: Does the Dash stop charging before the Battery blows up?

(Sorry for my english, I hope it is understandable, also I think this question is anwsered, but i couldn´t find it, so here I am).


Hi @DaCaFubared - Yes, the Dash’s on-board charging circuit as well as FuelGauge functions in the API have built-in overcharge protection to prevent those situations. Wouldn’t want to have a Samsung issue :slight_smile:
Let us know if you have any questions.


Hi Ryan,
“Samsung issue” is a great concern. Charge management and physically protecting a pouch cell are both critical. Any input you could provide to the “Cylindrical Cell Recommendation Needed” topic is greatly appreciated.
Thanks !