Phone Number Cost for SMS

I bought a phone number from Hologram today for one of my SIM’s. Works great sending to my Dash from my iPhone. :-).

Is that $1 cost (do I recall it was more at one point?) a one-time or recurring charge?


Hello Michael,

Purchasing a phone number is only a $1 one-time cost and not a recurring charge!

If this changes, we will be sure to notify you before any new recurring charges go into effect.


Thanks, Logan. Good info!

Hello @loganfrederick, I always thought it was a recurring fee. This makes Hologram even better.
I have been testing the SMS to device through an outside SMS gateway. It has worked very well. Typically, < 8 secs. to receive.

Question, if Hologram starts a recurring fee, Do you have an idea of the cost?


Hi, I can answer that. When we do start charging a recurring fee (which will probably start happening within the next couple months) it would be the same cost that you paid when you purchased the phone number initially, so for the US it would be $1 per month.

Edit: And we will definitely make an announcement before we start that recurring billing so it won’t be sprung upon anyone unexpectedly.