Pi locks up when trying to reset the R410 Modem


I’ve noticed an issue with my Pi zero and hologram R410M nova. I’ve been having good success with cellular connectivity running the hologram network connect command, occasionally the connection fails so i ran a hologram modem reset command to see if that will help. I see both lights turn off on the nova and back on again but my pi completely locks up. I can’t SSH into it, the keyboard, mouse and display completely freeze. I’ve left it for a few hours and end up having to give it a hard shutdown. I’ve checked some AT commands and it does the exact same thing with AT+CFUN=0, AT+CFUN=1 and AT+CFUN=15

I’ve checked my /var/log/messages, /var/log/syslog and /var/log/kern.log and none of them log anything from these lockup events. I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this issue.


Do you have a good power supply for the RPI? The Nova could draw large (Id say up to 1/2 amp, but probably less) power during power cycle and after reboot. Id make sure you have a 2A supply. Only thing I can think of at this time. Really nothing the Nova does should completely kill the RPI, unless you get a brownout.


Thank you, I had a good power supply but it turned out to be the cable, some are too small of wire gauge i guess. On another note i have written some code to reset the modem if the hologram network connect command fails to connect twice and it seems to work so far.


Hi, are you performing the reset using Hologram tools, or in your own way?