Pi SSH not responding, can I reboot through another tunnel?

Hi, I’ve been able to control my Pi for a while now using Spacebridge and creating a local port 5000 that is mapped to 22 on the Pi. However, my Pi seems to be locked up now. It’s 1000 miles away. Is there any other option for me to reboot the Pi with SSH not responding? I don’t have an FTP port open on the device. Thanks

do you have any other services running on the unit? An http(s) server running a web admin UI maybe? if so you could map to port 80 or 443 in your space bridge command and then connect to that local port as in http://localhost:5000

you can use space bridge to connect to any port on the PI as long as you have a listener.


Thanks, it looks like the Pi is completely locked up…although i can still set up a bridge it looks like none of the ports are responding. So unless I can figure out how to send an sms command to reboot it somehow I don’t know how I can restart it remotely.

unfortunately the only way that SMS will work is if you have a process that is looking for SMS and then once one arrives, reads it, and then executes the intended action. We have written such a thing for our devices… we can send them SMS commands as well as commands to specific IP port numbers.

So unfortunately it sounds like you will need to get someone to go out to the device and restart it.

Good luck.


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