Pi3 Nova R410 PPP issues


I have several Nova Sara-U201 systems deployed and I only use the PPP connection for communication to my devices. The system works extremely well!! and has for a couple of years now. I am very happy with the Nova Sara-U201.

I decided to try the Nova Sara-U410 as I was unable to acquire any Nova Sara-U201’s.

The first problem I found was I was unable to successful connect to the network.
The error reported was PPP session failed.

Upon reading many message here in hopes to fix the problem I came across a very helpful tip. Issue reset to the modem.
sudo hologram modem reset

After that I was able to connect and actually get a PPP session started.

Once I had the device connected to the network with an open PPP section I used another computer to establish a space bridge tunnel connection.

After starting the space bridge tunnel I attempted to log into the device.

It took a long time maybe a minute or so before the login prompt show and about the same for the password prompt and then after enter the password a minute or more wait until the prompt.

Ultimately the connection is made however it is so slow it is completely unusable. It can take 10-15minutes between exchanges. Now the transmission rate is great very fast but the time between messages.

For me this makes the current Sara-U410 implementation not usable. I would really like to see it work so that we can move forward with the deployment of new cell networks.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Thats not something specific to the R410, that is just the reality of CATm at the moment. You can try disabling the power saving features like discussed here: Unable to receive message from dashboard

You might see an increase in response time but generally speaking inbound connections on catm networks are quite slow, so slow we had to increase our timeouts for some of our services.

Dom, I tired you suggestion of issuing a series of AT command as follows:


I was really surprised as it really helped a great deal to shorten the response time!

It is not perfect as you said, it is much more useful.
I will try some additional tests.

Thank you Dom!

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