Pictures or examples of soldered/completed prototypes


I’d love to see any “finished products” people have made using a dash or dash pro. Something that’s been moved from breadboard to soldered, and maybe even put in an enclosure. I love the tiny size, but form factor is a little funny for soldering on proto board with other components. I’m hoping that seeing other projects will give me some creative ideas.



I want to see this too! It would be awesome to have some tweets @hologram_io showing finished products.

To sweeten the pot I’ll offer some account credit too :wink:


Here are pictures of my project… (This is an alpha, don’t hate on the solder bridging)

4 new photos by Ahmed Saleh

Note: the side by side resistors are a voltage divider to convert the 0.5-5VDC analog signal to 0.3-3.3VDC, my sensor works on minimum 5VDC.


Looks great. Very tidy. Where did you get your box?


I got the box from Sayal Electronics. Its made by Hammond Manufacturing (1591BSBK is the part number) it was only a few bucks ($4.50CAD).


Wow that looks great!