Plan with zone "usaall" still only connects to T-Mobile

We have a device in downtown Bath, ME. The T-Mobile network in the area is very bad, but ATT is decent and none of our modems have had difficulty connecting to the ATT network.

Hologram only ever tries to connect to T-Mobile, and the connectivity is very poor. We might see the device check in on the dashboard once an hour or so and we’ve never been able to maintain a connection to it. Why isn’t this trying to connect to ATT, which would be a far more reliable network?

This is become a real challenge in this project, and as a result I’m wondering if hologram was the right way to go.

Can you run AT commands? If so can you run and post the results of AT+COPS=?

Im guessing this is a high bandwidth plan? I see at the bottom they say below even if you click on All USA.

Available for T-Mobile USA only by default. High bandwidth plans are not eligible for Scaling Volume Discounts. Resets monthly from when device is activated.

I’d suggest emailing with the sim-card ICCID and they will look into it.

Unfortunately I can’t run AT commands as the modem is never connected for long enough for me to actually do anything with it. It connects very briefly once every so many hours.

In the past I’ve run it and it’s given me this, but this was in a completely different area:
+COPS: (1,“AT&T”,“AT&T”,“310410”,2),(1,“T-Mobile”,“T-Mobile”,“310260”,0),(0-4),(0-2)^M

Right now the plan says “all major carriers” which is why I’m a little confused about the T-Mobile note. T-Mobile is not working well at all in this area. Even when it connects, it’s only connecting to 2G and the tower is extremely far away. There are closer towers available.

Hey yeah can you email us at We can try to dig into signaling info for the SIM to see if it’s trying to hit AT&T at all.
Best thing on your end would be to try to find some way to get that COPS output as then we can see if the modem even thinks its seeing another network.

Thanks, I sent an e-mail over this morning.

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