Possible issue in web hook?

My cellular device is sending this JSON
{“la”: “40.293309XXX”, “lo”: “-73.21262XXX”, “f”: 71, “t”: “81”, “h”: “66”, “id”: 100}

My Router Configuration looks like this:
{“customerid” : <<decdata.id>>,“data” : {“lat” : <<decdata.la>>, “long” : <<decdata.lo>>, “fuel” : <<decdata.f>>, “temperature” : <<decdata.t>>, “humidity” : <<decdata.h>>}}

I run into a 502 error if I keep decimal points in the Lat and Long. If I remove the decimal points it works, If i post directly with decimal points using postman or API Gateway in Amazon it works.

{“customerid” : 100,“data” : {“lat” : “40.29330XXX”, “long” : “-73.21262XXX”, “fuel” : “71”, “temperature” : “98”, “humidity” : “66”}}

I XXX out the detailed location

Thanks very much -Phil

Hi @Phil_Ferro,

You should add quotation mark i.e. “<<decdata.la>>” for the float type number (and also negative value number I think).

Cheers, ZZ

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Damn that was a simple fix, I did not see it, but it makes total sense.

Thank you.

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