Possible to have NOVA send messages on power-on


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I’m interested in an application where I’d like to have a message sent once a minute when power is applied to the unit. Basically, I’d like to get run hours of a piece of equipment.

Is it possible to do this with only a nova and not need an RPi or other processor? Looking for something simple that could just start sending when the key is powered on and stop when off. Doesn’t look like there is access to the Nova firmware, but thought I’d ask and look for suggestions.




I don’t think you’ll be able to do that. The Nova is just a cellular modem. While you can “configure” it, I do not believe you can “program” it. Configuration refers to setting various parameters which specify how it shall interact with a terminal (or computer): which APN to use, which network providers and technologies to use, etc. “Programming” refers to specifying which server(s) to contact, what data to send, under what conditions to send data, and possibly configuration of the device.

I think you are asking if the Nova itself can be made to send data, periodically, to a server. That is, you want to “program” the Nova. I do not believe that is possible. It’s certainly not a crazy idea, and there are other modules which include both a cellular modem and a processor which can do what you want. Please be aware that to do what you want (as I understand it) you will need a different device and quite a lot of skills/knowledge including, but not limited, programming skills.



Bummer. I was assuming (ok hoping) there was some limited processing power on the Nova.


Well, there’s no reason why the Nova can’t be attached to an inexpensive single-board computer and that computer used to send messages via the Nova.

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