Power consumption during deep sleep


7 mA during deep sleep is probably too much for my application, so I’d like to explore my options to try and reduce the current consumption.

In deep sleep, I’m guessing the uBlox module is powered down, so the current drain for this module is around 55-65 uA. Are both the user and system processors active in deep sleep, i.e. running at their max clock frequency? If so, are there any plans to run these processors from the 32 KHz clock to save power? Perhaps you can comment if this is in your roadmap?


Can someone from Hologram shine in here. It’s been 4 days!


The 7mA is unfortunately the lowest that is currently possible with the Dash 1.1.


I wonder why this is. 7mA is also much more that I would like in sleep mode.

As alano pointed out, the ublox can be powered down to 55-65 uA and the two microcontrollers also support ultra low power sleep modes.
It looks like the KL17 can do ultra low power sleep at 2 uA and the KL22 can do 5 uA ( just by a quick glance at the data sheet).

Which component is the one that does not actually power down?



I’m also interested in why the 7ma. If it remains so, I have to add my own on/off timer to get battery operation of at least a year.


Hologram is releasing a new version of the Dash with a current drain of less than 500 uA in deep sleep. This new version should appear in the next few weeks.


I’m interested in buying at least 1000 in the next month. when are advance units available?


I’d suggest that you reach out to Hologram directly.


We have smaller quantities available in our store right now if you want to check out the new Dash. In the deepest sleep mode you can get down to around 400uA.
Email us at support@hologram.io and we can talk about larger quantities. We may be able to fulfill that fairly soon.