Power consumption expectations?


Surely someone has measured this, but I can’t find the data anywhere.

For a device such as the dash, clearly power consumption is critical so I’m shocked this isn’t readily available info.

I realize “it depends”, but there should be some typical application data for various use cases.

For example, how much does it use when transmitting/receiving? When operating but not tx/rx? When in sleep?


Power Consumption during Sleep Mode

Hi @bcsteeve - Was writing this up on our web chat so will respond here as well. You’re right power consumption definitely depends on application, temperature, sensors, and processing for power, etc and we’re working on better documentation from our testing across different use cases. I’ve included some data we’ve posted in our forum here before as we work through better data for customer power budgets going forward.
Sending a message from terminal to cloud: ~15 seconds, 226-298 mA using AVG function (735 mA MAX)
Startup until passthrough mode: ~70 seconds, 126 mA AVG, 630 mA MAX
Modem connected, waiting for input: ~35mA
Lowest observed deep sleep current draw: 7mA

Definitely encourage you to check out our latest firmware update which includes additional modem power off/on functionality for finer control of the application on our Dash. Team’s constantly working to improve the Dash performance but definitely understand that for certain extended use cases it will require either a battery or solar charging capacity that is prohibitive.