PPP support on Dash

Hey Guys,

Does the DASH device support ppp? The hologram.io home page references that your devices support it:

“Use Hologram to talk to your devices, route incoming and outgoing messages, and even open up secure PPP sessions all via secure and scalable API.”

But I cannot find docs that support that. We purchased Dash devices based on that info as I could not find any other page the contradicted the home page statement (there are a lot of pages so maybe I missed it?). I posted other questions but have not gotten responses that make any sense to me.

We need a ppp connection in order to transfer command & files back and forth to remote Socs.


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Hey @rscavetta! Great question.

We found the majority of those who need PPP sessions are look for a USB modem. Our USB modem supports PPP but the Dash does not. We are working on the next version of our documentation and product pages and will make sure to clearly mark device PPP support.

Hey Ben… (again),

Thanks! I just ordered the Huawei E303 Cellular USB Modem.

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