Problem with Email Route

I’m using an E303 compatible modem connected to a Raspberry Pi for my device hardware. I’m trying to communicate with the Hologram Cloud using the Hologram Socket API and route the payload (GPS coordinates) to an email address. At this point, I can see from the dashboard’s console that the payload was successfully received with the topic I designated (GPS). It also shows that the route I configured for this payload (also named GPS) was triggered. However, an email never arrived at the address and I haven’t been able to spot my error. The route configuration simply says that when the topic is GPS, email the payload (<<decdata>>) to my address with the subject, “GPS test.” Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks we’ll take a look and respond back to you.

I have been trying different email addresses in the past few hours. I was unsuccessful with two addresses, but successful with a address. If there have been no other changes on the Hologram Cloud side, then there appears to be a problem with sending email to

On 18 Aug at 1755 EDT, messages sent to the two yahoo accounts were delivered and showed up in their respective spam folders. I’ve marked them as not spam, so that may possibly prevent another 4+ hour delay in receiving future messages.