problem with sendMessage() from a loop in python

I am writing a logging program in python to send data eventually to another server, but trying to test sending messages to the console just to get familiar with it.

I have a loop that is waiting for CSV formatted data coming in from another connection and then trying to use sendMessage to send it to our dashboard. This program is basically in infinite loop that just sends any data it receives. My main problem is that I get an error message between the first and second call to hologram.sendMessage(i) stating “HOTP Assertion Failure” and something about enforce_sequence_number??

In another test, I was able to send successive messages as long as I disconnected and reconnected in between each call to sendMessage() but it was really slow…

Hi, it looks like the latest version of the SDK has a bug in one of the authentication types that would restrict to sending one message every 30 seconds. We’re going to look into that and get it fixed in the next version.

Hi @ta2025 can you send a little bit of code that reproduces this? We just want to confirm that our fix for this is catching your case as well

Sorry, I have ended up using customcloud.sendMessage(i) instead and I have had no problems since then. It could have just as easily been my code as anything else, but since the problem disappeared when I switched to our own servers, I haven’t pursued it.