Problem with spacebridge

I follow this guide:

"support. hologram. io/ hc/ en-us/articles /360045634694-Establish-a-secure-Spacebridge-tunnel-to-a-device-using-ssh*

and I first had to figure out how to do RESTFUL POSTS to delete all my bad keys. (Why does this part have to be so freeking COMPLICATED???). Not everone is a master REST programmer and speaks JSON instead of english.

… but I got through that.

I then followed the instructions above then had to delete all the other keys in my .hologram folder.

Then I was successful with:

bash ssh-keygen -f spacebridge. key -b 4096


PUBKEY=$(cat spacebridge; curl -X POST -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d “{“public_key”:”$PUBKEY"}" “https:/ / dashboard.h ologram .io /api/1 /tunnelkeys?apikey=~APIKEY~”


bash ssh -p 999 -L 5000:link10311:22 -N -i spacebridge.key [htunnel @ tunnel. hologram .io](mailto:htunnel @ tunnel. hologram. io)

and it ask me to authenticate with the passcode I had used to create my key. That was all fine.
gives me my fingerprint and then does nothing…

HINT HERE: please tell the user in the CLI that the tunnel is established and open.

So, I open up another terminal window and do the whole “ssh pi @ 127 . 0.0.1 -p 5000”

and I get a “kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer”. from the PI and I cannot go any further.

this is the result of about 30 hours of studying and work from two people and very frustrating!

At this point, it’s probably an issue with your cellular connection on the pi. Do you have a PPP session open on there? (If you’re using a Nova you can do sudo hologram network connect to do that)
If PPP is up, make sure there is a route for the cellular connection. You can post the output of the route command here

Thank You! It works!

Is there clear documentation that outlines all of this, step by step?