Problems receiving sms/or program stops running

I created a program that turns a couple pins on upon receiving an sms, but i’m seeing an issue where the device just stops receiving sms. Once this happens I must cycle the dash pro and all works again. There doesn’t seem to be a predetermined timeout or anything like that, could be twenty minutes could be ten hours and it just stops. I can watch on serial monitor and nothing happens, no modem timeouts no errors and no sms rcvd. Once I cycle power, all queued messages are received. I even send data to the cloud periodically as a keep alive to see if that helped, eventually that stops as well, as if the program just stops running. Has anybody else seen this?

Ive had to send a keep alive signal every 30 minutes on my dash pro… any longer and I risk a timeout.

I havent played around with the SMS part yet.

I send a keep alive every eight minutes in that I send a message to hologram dashboard to get logged. Doesn’t seem to help as that stays consistent but sms messages may or may not be received by the dash even after the dash literally just sent a message to the cloud. I really don’t understand what’s going on here.

maybe a beta firmware would help or something?

I’m experiencing something similar, but not related to SMS. I’ve got a few Dash Pros that are traveling the country in trailers, reporting a few statistics every 2 minutes to the cloud. It seems if they go through a poor signal area for long enough, they never recover until restarted. Have you found a workaround/resolution?