Problems Sending/Receiving SMS w/ Arduino & Phone Number Provided by Hologram


Hi, I am working on getting my hologram SIM set up with an Arduino and Sim5320a GPRS shield. I also set the Sim up with a phone number through the hologram website in order to send and receive SMS messages through the Arduino. So far with the standard arduino example sketch “send SMS” I am able to send a text to my cell phone but the text comes from a different number, I’m assuming it is still being re-routed through the hologram server or something. And it is also failing to receive SMS messages with the arduino example sketch “receive SMS”. I guess this has something to do with the new cell number not pairing up properly?

To give a little more detail, when I try to send a message to the device, I get the error message on the dashboard: “Socket error: timed out”. The raw error message reads as follows:

{"success":true,"data":{"id":3638737,"logged":"2017-08-31 00:53:21.159562","orgid":8605,"deviceid":126798,"record_id":"c8f4fc6a-8de6-11e7-bd8e-bc764e200321","device_metadata":"{}","data":"{\"received\": \"2017-08-31T00:53:20.394950\", \"authtype\": \"deviceid\", \"tags\": [\"_DEVICE_126798_\", \"_API_RESP_\"], \"device_name\": \"Unnamed Device (96177)\", \"source\": 126798, \"messageid\": \"e14e7afb-bb26-4832-ae8a-64816ec53003\", \"record_id\": \"c8f4fc6a-8de6-11e7-bd8e-bc764e200321\", \"data\": \"U29ja2V0IGVycm9yOiB0aW1lZCBvdXQ=\", \"device_id\": 126798}","matched_rules":[],"tags":["_API_RESP_","_DEVICE_126798_"]}}


Hi, it sounds like you’re sending SMS a few different ways. Can you test just via sending on the dashboard?

To send an SMS, make sure to switch to the SMS tab when you’re sending the message, like this:

The other tab will send via the data connection which you may want to try as well as it’ll be faster than SMS, but you have to use the listen function in your sketch to do that.