Program Security

Is there anyway for anyone to upload the program in the Dash/pro??

Is there a way to password protect future program downloads (lock out unauthorized people)?

I would like to know if there is someone trying to tamper with my devices, getting a signal if someone fails to put the correct password while trying to upload or download. Maybe this is on the list of things to do already… just a thought for now.

Are you talking about over-the-air updates specifically?

USB actually, whats stopping a competitor from reverse engineering my solution.

As far as getting the program off the Dash, that would be kind of tough and they’d need to decompile it to see anything useful. We don’t have a way to lock the device from being reflashed right now, but that’s something we could put on the roadmap.

Ok thats good, I dont anyone uploading (easily) whats on the device… thats a good start.

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