Project interfacing with AWS

Hi! I am doing a project that can have bi-directional messaging. In other words, the data can be sent from Raspberry Pi to Hologram Cloud and then to the other end of the user. Then, the user can also send String data back to the Cloud and then the Raspberry Pi. I wonder whether it is feasible to do here with hologram cloud and maybe with the possible routes to Amazon S3, which can visualize the data. Thanks!

Everything is possible it just depends on the work and level of difficulty.

2-Way communcation
Yes Hologram allows communication from Cloud->Device and Device->Cloud. See some of the other threads about difficulties ensuring the Cloud->Device path is continuously operational such as: Continuous, Indefinite Connection - #11 by Maiky Device->Cloud tends to be more reliable and is a more common use case of M2M cellular connections like Hologram provides.

Note I don’t think this problem is unique to Hologram and is more likely common among all M2M cellular providers (although some may have better/different architecture in place).

Hologram Routes, only 1/2 of what you need
For information on routes and the fact that Hologram data-routes are really only intended for Device->Cloud not vice versa see my post: Http Get request - #4 by AndrewGifft

To allow users to send data to Cellular Devices you will have to use Hologram’s REST API (See Hologram · Apiary ). This will likely require you to write code (either javascript / PHP / Python / etc) to present your own front end that allows your users to input data and have your code call Hologram’s API with appropriate data.

Overall framework
The framework I would use is something like:
Device->Hologram Routes->S3->Custom Webserver->Users (either API or website)
Users->Custom Webserver->Hologram Rest API->Device

I guess you can eliminate the custom webserver if your User’s are comfortable looking up Hologram DeviceID’s and calling their API (and you are comfortable giving User’s the needed API Keys). Similarly if Users are able to query S3 directly then you wouldnt need a webserver BUT these would be pretty sophisticated users.

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