PSM Mode in Canada

Tesling with Hologram Indigo and Global SIMs
Locaion: Toronto, Canada
Network device typically connects to: Bell, Telus. Somethings through Rogers (to Telus).

Some observations:

  1. The connection status always shows roaming and never home.
  2. PSM is request but never granted
  3. CEREG command always shows PSM disabled
  4. Band is almost always 12. Sometimes 17, which is a subset of band 12.

Here are the debug messages that I always see from the device:
RRC mode: Connected
Network registration status: Connected - roaming
PSM bits: 001
PSM Interval: 00100
PSM parameter update: TAU: -1, Active time: -1
LTE Signal quality: +CESQ: 99,99,255,255,13,57

PSM Settings: +CPSMS: 1,“00100100”,“00000001” (reading PSM setting)

CEREG: +CEREG: 5,5,“D6E4”,“086B9411”,7,“11100000”,“11100000”


  1. Does Hologram support PSM?
  2. Will Bell, Telus, Rogers allow PSM on Hologram SIMs?
  3. Is there a certain procedure I need to follow to enable PSM?

I have seen other people on the forums here have similar problems related to PSM