PSM Mode on Rogers Network (Canada)


I am using a Thingy:91 on the Rogers network in Canada, and it cannot enable PSM mode. Do you know anything about why this would be the case? IP connectivity is fine otherwise.

Here is the ticket I opened with Nordic



Nothing really to do with Hologram.I believe the physical carrier must support PSM as well, its possible Rogers does not. I believe there is an AT command to query the PSM settings provided by the network (I know there is for the U-Blox LTE-M1 modules). That would be your best bet to check on the device, or google searching for PSM support on rogers LTE-M1 but that is pretty obscure so you may have to hunt alot for it.

Thanks Andrew,

It is indeed obscure.

I wonder if people with other hardware have run applications using PSM on the Rogers network in Canada.


It does look indeed that Rogers does not support PSM on roaming Hologram cards. I was able to query the PSM settings for the network. This is a Hologram issue in my opinion, Hologram should find a roaming partner that does support it, or work it out with Rogers.