Public IP address with Hologram NOVA-R410?


My intended use with Hologram would be to establish a (raw) TCP socket to the NOVA-R410 which would pass data to the R410’s serial port. For example, in the current system I connect using a public IP address and port (eg. Typically, this system works with an inbound command (via the cellular modem) to a serial device and the serial device responds with data back to the modem.

Does Hologram have a way to establish a (static) IP address for the NOVA-R410 for inbound (TCP) messages? If not what workaround is there?

Thank you.


Hi @mfbellino,

Take a look at our Spacebridge product, which will allow you to send inbound connections to your devices.



Hello Pat, Thank you for pointing me to Spacebridge. I like the fact that it is possible to use direct commands without the GUI - this is helpful for my application.

My follow-up question… the SpaceBridge documentation reads (to me) that you must use an SSH socket. Is it possible to not use SSH? Just a (raw) TCP socket?

If so, where might I find details or examples of this?

Thank you.