Pycom GPY not attaching in Houston, TX USA

I have a Pycom GPY V1.0 with the latest firmwares loaded. The module will not attach to the AT&T network and stay attached anymore. It did twice before updating the ESP32 and modem firmwares. I’ve downgraded and reattempted with no luck. I got a 4G antenna with supposed 35dB gain from Amazon to use instead of the LTE antenna from Pycom. I’m getting good signal and with the COPS function I get this response: +COPS: (3,“Verizon”,“Verizon”,“311480”,7)(1,“AT&T”,“AT&T”,“310410”,7)(1,“313100”,“313100”,“313100”,7),(0,1,2,3,4),(0,1,2)
In the Hologram dashboard I can see where the device made 3 attachments. The first 2 before the firmware updates actually used data. The 3rd used no data. All attachments were to AT&T mobility network and not Verizon. Never seems to want to attach to Verizon. The COPS result seems to suggest it is forbidden. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Try going through Holograms Modem Diagnostics and post the results back here.

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