Python pip package problem (say 3 times)

If I download and run from the source, everything works fine.
If I sudo pip install hologram-python, i get hologram-python 0.5.4 downloaded with this log tail:
Could not find .egg-info directory in install record for hologram-python
Successfully installed hologram-python

And, when I import Hologram:
import Hologram
[‘Event’, ‘builtins’, ‘doc’, ‘file’, ‘name’, ‘package’, ‘path’]
So, some of the sub modules are missing.
Likewise, when I:
>>> from Hologram.HologramCloud import HologramCloud
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
File “Hologram/”, line 12, in
from CustomCloud import CustomCloud
File “Hologram/”, line 14, in
from Cloud import Cloud
File “Hologram/”, line 12, in
from Network import NetworkManager
File “Hologram/Network/”, line 12, in
from Wifi import Wifi
ImportError: cannot import name Wifi

Think I figured out my problem. There was a vestige “Hologram” directory in my home directory which python was using.

By the way, looking over the source code, it looks very well written. Thank you.